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Nakamura Metal Works (heretofore Nakamura) pledges to use and protect its website visitors’ private information in accordance with the relevant ordinances and laws as follows. 

1. Reason for Using Private Information

Nakamura uses visitors’ information for the following reasons: 

  1. To understand visitors’ requests, Nakamura collects contact information such as name, postal address, e-mail address, etc.
  2.   To establish laws and ordinances and rights and duties
  3. As a means of contacting visitors in cases where Nakamura determines that the latest information is useful to them

d. Other reasons left up to the discretion of Nakamura

2. Management of private information

The management of information that has been collected by Nakamura is restricted to a designated staff member in charge of its protection. In the unlikely event that such information is released to anyone other than the designated management staff member, Nakamura pledges to take steps to ensure that such an information leak does not happen again. 

3. Non-disclosure of private information to third parties

Nakamura agrees not to disclose private information to third parties, except in cases where it is required by legal or governmental authorities. 

4. Management of private information

Nakamura will implement adequate security measures for safeguarding private information against unauthorized access, falsification, destruction, disclosure, loss, etc.

5. Release of private information

Visitors’ private information will be released in cases such as requests from the visitor or visitor’s family members.

6. Contact

If there are any additional questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact Nakamura using the contact information provided.

Nakamura Metal Works Co.Ltd.
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Yamaguchi Prefecture 745-0056
[Implemented on June 1, 2011]

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